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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Start by selecting your preferred garment or product. The next step is to create your custom design or request a quick quote. Once you’ve created your design and your garment has been selected, you can decide where you want the design to appear.

How much does it cost to make a custom t-shirt?

The cost of your order will depend on:

  • What kind of garment you are ordering
  • How many garments you're ordering
  • How many locations you want to print on
  • How many colours are printed on each location

See our Pricing Guide for more information, or contact us to request a quote.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Our typical turnaround time is 2-3 business days from when we receive your order. Keep in mind that we will need some of that time after the approval is received and all garments are confirmed to be in stock. Expected delivery times may also be affected during busy periods.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order online at the time your order is placed via credit card or PayPal. We also accept business or personal cheques, but cannot begin the order process until the cheque is received. If paying by cheque, please contact us at before placing your order

Which formats do you accept for artwork?

We can handle any file type, but we prefer Adobe Illustrator files. If submitting a raster file (.psd, .jpg, .gif), we prefer high resolution. The higher the DPI (dots per inch) the better.

What type of garments can you print on?

The best application method will depend on a range of factors, including the garment(s) you’ve selected and the complexity of your logo. We use three different application techniques:

What type of garments can you print on?

We can print on flat garments only, including some bags and hats. We cannot print on baseball style caps.
Nylon and mesh fabric garments will incur extra charges.
See our standard print locations for a more detailed list of what we can print.

Which application method is best for my order?

The best application method will depend on a range of factors, including the garment(s) you’ve selected and the complexity of your logo. We use three different application techniques:

We can recommend the most suitable application method for your order, or you can request a specific application method when you contact us.

What is DTG printing?

DTG stands for Direct To Garment. This is a relatively new method of garment decoration that involves printing garments similarly to how paper is printed by an inkjet printer.

First, the garment must be sprayed with a liquid solution called a pre-treatment to stop the colours from running. Next, the garment is loaded into the machine and the design is printed directly onto the garment.

As with screen printing, coloured garments must be printed with a base layer of white first; colours are then printed on top. Once printed, the garment is dried or heat-pressed to ‘cure’ the ink.

What is print and cut transfer?

This application is similar to transfer printing, but with one extra step. The textile transfer film is loaded into a specialist printer that’s also able to cut around the design. The transfer film is printed, then the machine cuts accurately around the artwork printed onto the film. The excess transfer film is then weeded away and an application tape is applied to remove the printed media from its backing. Once it's on the tape, it is then heat pressed onto the garment just like a normal textile transfer film, but with the artwork printed onto it instead.

Where can I view your company terms and conditions?

You can read our Terms & Conditions – as well as our Returns Policy – right here on the Class Workwear website. If you have any questions, please call us on 020 8423 3880.

Can I order blank items through?

Yes, first add your chosen items to your basket. Then go to your shopping basket; in the mini FAQs section here is an entry titled "Want blank items?". Click the link provided here to order your items without customisation.

How do I order the same customisation in two different positons?

Simply select the same customisation twice at the first stage of the customisation process. If you require your customisation to be a different size in two different positions, you'll need to create two separate customisations.

If I need to place several orders, will I be charged delivery for each order?

No. If you need to place multiple orders, our system will automatically remove/reduce the delivery charge on any orders placed before your first order is picked and packed. So, you can place multiple orders without incurring multiple delivery charges.

Can I customise two of the same product, in the same size and colour, with different designs?

Our order process is designed to make it as fast and easy as possible to position your design on multiple items at the same time. As such, products are grouped together by product type, size and colour. If you need different designs on exactly the same products, you should place separate orders. You will not be charged extra delivery charges as detailed in question 3.

Are the setup charges "one-time" fees?

Yes, once you have paid the setup charge for your customisation, you will automatically not be charged it again on any subsequent orders.

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